It may be unexpected and sooner than ever imagined when it’s time for “The Talk.” 

Not about sex. About death.

“Grandma, you look so sad.”

“I am sad. My friend died, and I miss her.”

“How did she die?”

“In a car accident.”

“Did her car get wrecked?”


“Is she in the hospital?”

“No, not anymore. Her body is ready to be buried now. That’s where I’m going—to her burial.

“Why are you all dressed up?”

“Because I’m going to church before I go to the cemetery where she will be buried.”


“To be with other people who knew and loved her. To listen to the stories they want to share about her life and how much she meant to them. And to pray. We want to remember and thank Jesus for the promise He made that she will be with Him in heaven forever.”

“How long is forever?”

“Walk with me to the car, and I’ll tell you a story about forever.” 

“High in the mountains, far-far away to the North, stands a rock a hundred miles high and a hundred miles wide. Once every one thousand years, a little bird comes to the rock to sharpen its beak, then fly away. When the rock has been worn away, then a single day of forever will have gone by.” *


“I have to go now, or I’ll be late.”

“Okay. I’m going to ride on my scooter.”

“Don’t forget your helmet.”

“I won’t. And grandma?”


“I’m glad Jesus will be with your friend in heaven because forever is a long time!”

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