I believe, if honor were a tree it would grow along the banks of the River of Fairness with its roots firmly planted, deep in the rich soil of integrity.

It would be different from the willow bending with every breeze that blows from the ever- changing winds of culture and socially accepted behavior. Honor knows right from wrong, and even when unpopular, holds fast to the timeless truths of ethical conduct that bear the fruit of credibility. 

But honor isn’t a tree. It’s a human trait developed over time, demonstrated through principled character and lifestyle. An honorable person is able to handle failure with genuineness, willing to admit their mistakes and take needed corrective action.

You can count on and trust an honorable person. They keep their word and don’t lie or spin the truth to meet their own objectives. They are humble, doing their best to treat others as they hope to be treated, and are willing to forgive.

At its core, I believe honor is the primary character trait we desire in people placed in roles of leadership and authority. They are the kind of people you rise to your feet to applaud and stand in line to vote for.

That’s how I’d describe an honorable person. What say you?

Wisdom’s instruction is to fear the Lord, and humility comes before honor. – Proverbs 15:33

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