Penny L. Hunt

Award Winning Bestselling Author & Speaker

Penny L. Hunt

Award Winning Bestselling Author & Speaker

Welcome and Thanks for Stopping By

Whatever it is that brought you here, I’m glad you came.

Maybe you’re at the top of your game right now-maybe not so much. Either way, let’s laugh a little, maybe cry a little, and together discover ways to change, grow, and gain a new perspective on life that will help you become the great person you already have the potential to be.

You’re in the perfect place to learn how to use a setback, as a setup for a comeback, and bounce rather than break. In my blog, books, and videos, I share actionable, heartfelt wisdom that will give you the courage and confidence you need when life gets messy.

You’re also in the right spot to find entertaining and wholesome stories, poems
and devotions for the children in your life.

I look forward to connecting with you and hope you’ll find something here that will give you a boost, make you smile, encourage you, show you something new, or renew something you already know.

You’re not alone-and somebody cares about you.

A thought from Penny

Hi! I’m Penny.

I’ve been helping people of all ages and stages overcome the challenges of change for nearly two decades. Through life lessons and experiences that have taken me from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows-and through those shared with me from other people’s lives-I’ve discovered the way to bounce rather than break when life hits hard-and the amazing power of grace and choice.

I suppose it’s impossible to have been the mother of five (yours, mine and ours) and wife of a career naval officer and attaché without having a story or two to share-so I write books for children and adults, produce story time videos, blog, and speak. With 29 moves to my credit-from the eastern shore of the USA to Hawaii, Europe, South America, and back, I’ve got a lot of stories to tell. I once moved our entire family from Washington, DC to Paris, France, with three weeks’ notice.

My current address is between a railroad track and a peach orchard where I live with my husband, Bill, a rescue pup from the streets of Charleston, SC named Hunley, and a sweet Border Collie named Sugar, aka Piper.

Life in tiny-town suits me just fine-especially with Charleston and Atlanta just a couple of hours away. I love being able to drive to the grocery store without a single traffic light to slow me down and owning a phone directory thin enough to keep in a kitchen drawer along with the potholders.

I love watering the garden and filling the bird feeders in the cool and quiet of early morning-it’s my favorite time of day. Light caramel lattes from McDonald’s are a favorite, and I can’t pass a Krispy Kreme shop if the “hot donuts” sign is lit. My favorite color is blue unless it’s pink, or purple, or green.

Without a doubt, I love Jesus, my country, and have a real soft spot for military families. I do what I can to support my community, attend a church where members feel more like family than friends, and am a very grateful grandma.

Well, that’s enough about me-now it’s your turn.

Some of the nice things people say about Penny

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Taylor Toy Store Staff
Penny, when I found this card I just had to send it to you.” The card read: “Sometimes success…
You’re an awesome individual doing awesome things. Thanks so much for continuing to support Mili… Shawn Williams Army Community Service
Shawn Williams Army Community Service
Thank you, Penny. This is just what our group needed: a good meal with a good time and a good me…
Event Planner, Women’s Club
I like what you said about connecting with others. It really is the 3-legged stool that gives us…
Penny, I feel like you were here especially for me today. Bless you!

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