Uh – maybe not so much…

All the changes that come with summer, sky-high air-conditioning and water bills, family reunions, kids out of school,additional yard work, out-of-town guests, co-workers on vacation, a vacations you end up needing a vacation from, sunburn and mosquitoes—may have you feeling a bit stressed. 

Take a breath—literally. My friend LeAnn Theiman, bestsellingauthor, Hall of Fame Speaker, and nurse says doing so is sure to help cure summer stress. 

“Studies show emotions are related to different patterns of breathing…changing your breathing will change your emotions.

Next time you are feeling stressed, worried, or anxious, or lying awake willing yourself to sleep, remember to breathe slow, deep, and easy. 

In through your nose to the count of four, and out through your mouth to the count of four. 

In—2 —3—4 …

Out—2—3—4 over and over again, a bit deeper and more relaxed with each breath.”

Change your breathing; change your feelings. Change your summer.

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