Have you seen them?  Not far from the Back-To-School clearance bins, just past the Halloween costumes and Thanksgiving place mats, Christmas decorations have begun to appear.  It’s really nothing new.  The Season of Christmas was hijacked by retailers years ago, but the slow creep of Christmas into late summer still irks me.  It’s just plain tacky to see a Christmas wreath hanging across the aisle from a plastic Jack O’Lantern.

So what is a Christian speaker with a meaningful holiday message to do with meeting planners and program directors already booking their speakers for holiday events?  Should I just sit back and let the Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree crowd do all the entertaining or step up to the plate and offer a better alternative?  I chose to offer a better alternative and get in the game this year.

Take a look at the Post Cards I put in the mail this week and watch the YouTube video 2014 Need A Holiday Speaker? filmed right here at Bounce! Don’t Break headquarters. Have fun watching the video, share some of the ways you keep Christ in Christmas and as you see more and more Christmas decorations appear, begin counting the 11 weeks left before Sunday, November 30th when the joyful Season of Advent begins rather than focusing on the 106 shopping days left until Christmas.

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