From The Edgefield Advertiser – Oldest Newspaper in South Carolina

Johnston Elementary Principal Bruce Lee sponsored a special faculty meeting for his teachers recently by having author Penny Hunt as guest speaker. Prior to reading her book Little White Squirrel’s Secret, Mrs. Hunt spoke to the local educators stating “ This is a book of encouragement for all of us who need a little extra help.”Teachers were presented a copy of the book as a gift from the school and were encouraged to help students work a little harder for success.”


Educators and Media Specialists are using Little White Squirrel (LWS) as a “community” book in media centers and classrooms helping mainstream students develop greater understanding and compassion for the community of special needs students in their schools.

During her school visits and before reading LWS, Miss Penny shares the story behind the story and what goes into writing a book.   She then opens the floor for questions and answers and leads students in a discussion of ways they can help and encourage others.  She ends with an opportunity for students to share times when they, or someone they know, needed a special place to practice.

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