Stay the Course


I’m doing better with my big ones:
• “Pay attention to the small things and the big things will take care of themselves”.
For me that means answering e-mails and filing papers the day they come across my desk, and keeping up with bookkeeping quarterly instead of having to do it all in March for taxes.
• Spending daily “chair time” with Jesus. Not praying my usual laundry-list of prayers, not doing a Bible study, and not reading a devotion. But reading the Proverbs of the day (there are 31 so there’s at least one for every day of every month) and then sitting quietly waiting to hear what Jesus has to say to me.

It’s not always easy to keep on track so here are:
10 Tips for Staying The Course

When resolve is weak
and temptation is strong,
Here’s the way
to keep bouncing along!

1. “Stay centered in Christ
When the world distracts you.

2. Stay confident in the Word
when truth evades you.

3. Stay compassionate toward others
when hate surrounds you.

4. Stay connected to the church
when people disappoint you.

5. Stay committed to the faith
when doubt overwhelms you.

6. Stay consistent in your walk
when life tries you.

7. Stay constructive in your relationships
when love fails you.

8. Stay challenged to grow
when complacency tempts you.

9. Stay convinced of His Coming
when hope fails you.

10. Stay calm in your heart
when trials surround you.”
Turning Point Ministries ©

Join the conversation. Share which of these tips you like best.

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