Heavenly Father,

Our emotions are raw.
Our hearts are broken.
Our faith is rattled.
We are scared.

Hear us as we pray in these days of aftermath and funerals for the people of Sutherland Springs, Texas.

We lift to you all suffering the unfathomable loss of family members, little children and friends struggling to process their pain and anger. Please surround them with the comfort of your Holy Spirit. In their deep sorrow and grief remind them that this life is a temporary placeholding and of Your promise in the Psalms to take away our sorrow and replace it with joy.

Thank You for the lives spared in the church. For all the injured, we ask You to heal their wounds, relieve their pain and restore them to their full measure of health. Grant supernatural wisdom to the doctors, nurses, counselors, pastors, and all ministering to these innocent victims in physical, emotional and spiritual ways. Keep far from those who have survived this very real nightmare post-traumatic stress. Renew their minds in ways that only You can and keep them at mental peace.

We pray you fortify spiritual leaders as they minister to their congregants and communities at large. Ward off the spirt of fear that might keep anyone for attending their local church and use Your church to bring unity in the midst of healing from this evil.

Above all, through this devastation, we pray You would be glorified and look for the fulfillment of Your promise that this, even this, will be worked together for good in the lives of Your children. In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

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