Maybe you’re at odds with God today? …

And maybe you feel like you’ve got good reason to be.  

This thing you’re dealing with; deep emotional hurt, physical pain, loss, mental anguish…just doesn’t seem right.  

You don’t want to accept what’s happening to you.

You think you should have some say, some choice in the matter.

Maybe you “know,” in your head, that God’s in control, that He’s allowing this for purposes you cannot see, but in your “heart” you feel there’s got to be some other alternative than just sitting there and taking it!  

Well, you’re not alone and you’re not going to go to hell for feeling that way.  

However, you will be miserable if you keep it up and refuse to surrender and trust Him.

 How do I know? Because I’m right there, right now struggling with the same feelings and thoughts—barely hanging on at times to the ability to trust that He’s working out a good plan in my life. I won’t bore you with all the details, just know I feel like the doctor whose been told, “Physician, heal thyself.”

So, here’s the thing. I—we—have a choice when we don’t agree with what God is doing.  

  • We can move away from God, throw up our hands, give-up and let the bitterness of despair take root in our lives.  
  • We can stay close to God and believe with His help, in time, things will be better.  

I don’t know about you, but when I turn away from God, when I stop continuing to love and serve and forgive, my life grows progressively harder, colorless and more bitter.  I very quickly lose the inner peace and joy I have when I’m in fellowship with God. Things go from bad to worse in a rapidly spinning, downward spiral and I’m absolutely miserable. I’m just not very good on my own.

So, I’m choosing to hang on. and walk with God. I didn’t plan for this, I don’t want this, but I believe He’s in control and I’m going to trust Him to see me through this. I’d rather walk through this valley with Him knowing He’s there with His grace (strength, peace, hope and joy) for every trial, disappointment and heartache, than alone without Him to the dead end of bitterness.  

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