Thankful For Connections

What would you say is the most important factor in bouncing back from a physical setback? 

That’s the question I asked the physical therapist helping me with in-home therapy as I bounce back from the complete hip replacement I had just a few weeks ago.  

I thought he’d say something like, “A good, or can-do attitude.” But he surprised me by saying, “Being connected to other people.”  

The more I think about it, the more I agree. Why? Because it has been through my connection with others that I’ve received the encouragement, love, support and practical hands-on help that I’ve needed to get back on my feet.  

Choosing to have a good attitude has certainly helped, but it’s been connection with others that has kept me motivated, positive, and on the road to recovery.  

  • Family: My daughter, Laurie, who stayed with me around the clock in the hospital and after I came home. Other family members who sent flowers, chocolates, DVDs, and videos via WhatsAp,  
  • Friends: Who ran errands while I was unable to drive. Cards, calls, e-mails, and even a day trip to the nail salon for a much-needed pedicure (I still can’t reach my toes!)  
  • Church Community: Women of the Church brought us meals during days I was unable to cook. Having a Pastor who came to the hospital, prayed for me, and followed up to see how I was doing. Knowing the entire congregation has been, and continues to pray for me. 
  • The Lord: Jesus was with me every step of the way – there to comfort me in ways beyond human understanding or ability. In the dark of night, when pain kept me awake, His Holy Spirit calmed me, and during the day, when leg lifts seemed impossible, gave me the strength and courage to keep trying—and succeed!  

 So this Thanksgiving I’m especially thankful for the blessing of connection with others and the grace of God that allows me to be connected to Him through His Son Jesus, and strengthened by the indwelling presence of His Holy Spirit.   

I pray this Thanksgiving you will make or strengthen your connection with the Lord, as well as with others. It’s a blessing that will last long after the turkey and left-overs are gone.  

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