Try Something New

It can be easy to get stuck in a rut and simply run on auto-pilot, can’t it? 

 When times are rough there certainly is comfort to be found in the familiar. 

But there’s also a special kind of bounce-back energy to be found in trying something new. 

Here are FiveSimpleFun and EasyNew Things to Try: 

 1.) When you go for your usual walk, start out going opposite of the way you usually go. Focus on seeing things with new eyes. 

 2.) Drink a cup of flavored tea – like Peppermint –  It won’t make you smarter, but according to scientific studies it is said to stimulate the hippocampus area of the brain, which as my super smart brother the doctor tells me, controls mental clarity and memory. The odor makes you to wake up and pay attention. 

 3.) Spread a blanket under the stars and  LOOK UP at the night sky for an hour. Can you find Venus, the North Star and see a satellite slowing moving across the sky? If the lights are blinking, it’s probably a plane – but maybe it’s a UFO… 

 4.) Go to a concert – an opera – or that new mega church people say has an amazing worship team. The power of music can change your attitude. 

 “There is in souls a sympathy with sounds;
Some chord in unison with what we hear
Is touched within us, and the heart replies” 

William Cowper 

 5.) Get out your colored pencils and color something. 

 Feel a bit more adventurous?   

  • Eat dinner at an exotic restaurant you’ve never been to before. Thai, Ethiopian, Japanese, Hawaiian or Greek to name a few.    
  • Paint your nails blue.  
  • Buy a golf glove and hit a bucket of balls at an indoor driving range. 
  • Try indoor skydiving, or climb an indoor Rock Wall. 

 And if you want to do something really big and new—and can afford it: 

  • Buy a ticket and go to someplace sunny. Then mail yourself a postcard.  

Get the ball rolling! 

Do something new. 

Make a new memory. 

Change your way of seeing things. 

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