Have you ever noticed how the near impossible task of forgiving a grievous wrongdoing is laid at the feet of the victim rather than the perpetrator?

So, what’s a victim to do? Forget it and try to move on? Stuff it and let the bitterness bubble inside like a poison potion? Hire a hit man?

Here’s a healthier alternative. 

1. Get into one-sided forgiveness: 

It’s not about making what they did acceptable in any way—it’s letting go and being released from the continualongoing pain of their actions. When you forgive and let go of pain and bitterness, you end the other person’s ability to keep hurting you.

2. Seek reconciliation when possible—but don’t get your hopes up.

There are some people you can’t be reconciled with. Their either dead, unreachable or have no regret for their actions, never will, and have no respect for you. They are not to be trusted. You need to protect yourself from them.

3. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. 

Recognize and honor your feelings, but dwell on the pain.The details of your situation may be different, but you’re not the first or only person to ever be hurt this way. Look around. Reach out and take advantage of the help available to get through this. (Note: Not “over” this – “through” this.)

4. Remember healing takes time.

Forgiveness is not a one-and-done deal. It must be repeated, over-and-over, each time the offense comes to mind.  Remember YOU control your thoughts, not the triggers that bring back to mind the wrong perpetrated against you. 

5. Take it to the Lord in prayer. 

Give your need to the supreme court of the universe so that you can walk away knowing you will be exonerated without being bitter. No one escapes “The Law of The Harvest”—everyone ultimately reaps what they sow. Evil does not get the final say.

Want to dig a little deeper on this subject? Read how innocent Jesus handled being tortured to death: It says in 1 Peter 2:21-23that “He committed Himself to God, when He was reviled, He reviled not again, but kept committing Himself to Him who judges righteously.” The Bible says, “He did no sin, neither was any evil found in his mouth.” The injustice done against Jesus has not yet been answered. In the meantime, He kept giving it back to God, committing Himself to God, believing He was just and that eventually justice would be brought to His situation.

I pray this Thought From Penny and little bit of love helps you or someone you know whose been the victim of a wrongdoing. You’re not alone and somebody cares about you.

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