The most amazing thing happened at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian
Writers Conference  ‪#‎BRMCWC this past week.  During the Selah and Foundations Awards I won first place for Foundations/Poetry, but instead of simply calling my name, they read the poem, 4 Flames of Honor – A Tribute to Military Wives aloud.

This poem is in four stanzas. The Director of Awards and founder of Word Weavers International Eva Marie Iverson, read the first stanza and dedicated it to her father who served in the USAF. Then Lindsey Brackett read the second stanza and dedicated it to her brother, who served (I believe) in the Navy. Then Edie Mahoney Melson, the Conference Director, read the third stanza, dedicated to her son, who served in the Marines. Then Bethany Jett read the fourth. Her husband is currently serving our country. Both Edie’s son and Bethany’s husband served in Iraq.

When they called my name as the winner, I was stunned to receive a standing ovation for my work. With this being Memorial Day weekend, I’d like for everyone to have the chance to read the poem. You can do so by going to:  If you use it or share it with others, all I ask is you credit me as the author and share a link to my book, Bounce! Don’t Break…

Blessings to you all on this Memorial Day weekend,

Your friend and proud military wife,

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