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The two small bags I carried that autumn felt as heavy as Santa’s sack on Christmas Eve as I made my way across the Navy Exchange parking lot in Honolulu. With recent abdominal surgical staples that looked like the zipper of my jeans holding me together, I simply could not go on and took a knee on the pavement.

Embarrassment over my public display of weakness gave way to relief when I heard the voice of a young seaman ask, “Mrs. Hunt? Are you all right?” He helped me to my car and saw me safely on my way. Concerned, knowing my husband’s ship had recently left Pearl Harbor for deployment in the Persian Gulf, he returned to his ship and told the corpsman about rescuing me.

It’s amazing how good news, no matter how loudly shouted, has a hard time being heard while bad news, simply whispered, has wings. Shortly thereafter the phone rang, promising practical help, mixed with concern and prayers, was heading my way.

The women from our ship and church arrived like the cavalry. Some stayed to cook, clean and look after the children while I took a nap as others dashed off like Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen to complete my Christmas shopping before Halloween.

The next day they returned to wrap gifts, take “mainland” packages to the post office and, most importantly, see to it that the package with gifts for Daddy made its way into the APO system before the Halloween deadline required for mail delivery by Christmas.

I kissed the children goodnight and headed toward the waiting comfort of my pillow, tears of gratefulness welling in my eyes. I was not alone. The presence of God and His promise to never leave me nor forsake me was as real as the young seaman who had helped me to my feet, the corpsman who called daily to check on me and the friends who had come to love, support and encourage me.

It’s not always easy being a military wife. But knowing that God is with you, no matter what, is a comfort, a strength and lasting joy that cannot be found elsewhere. Don’t miss it. Trust in God and He will be with you—always and everywhere.

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