Have you ever planned something for a long time?  Maybe it was a wedding or a special vacation that took months and months of preparation. Whatever it was, when the BIG DAY finally arrived did it seem somewhat surreal?

Well, that’s exactly how I’m feeling today. For over a year now I’ve been working on, writing and editing my latest book,

Bounce! Don’t Break…

Stories, reflections & words of encouragement through times of change

With Special Features for Military Wives

Today is the day the book is being released and I can hardly believe it! I’m sure you can imagine how excited and happy I am!

If you are receiving this letter it’s because you are already one of the special, good-looking, smart and friendly people receiving a weekly, “Thought From Penny”, and I hope you won’t mind me asking you for a favor.

Would you please help make my book launch a huge success and order your book(s) today?  Just click the link below and it will take you right to Amazon.com where you can “look inside” Bounce! Don’t Break… and then place your order.

Now here’s the really special part.  After you have taken a “look inside” and ordered your book(s), I’m asking you to please take a moment and write an honest review for me. The gift of your time in writing a review is something I truly treasure, and to help you think of what you might want to write, here are some of the nice things other people have had to say:

“I have enjoyed Penny’s writing for some time now and am thrilled to finally have a copy of her book, Bounce! Don’t Break… She has a real gift with words and always encourages me.”

“My son is in the army and this will be the perfect Christmas gift for his wife!”

“I loved Penny’s children’s book – Little White Squirrel’s Secret – and now I’m a fan of her grown-up writing too. Bounce! Don’t Break… is a real winner and book everyone can use!”

You get the idea…  Here’s the link to order books and the place where you can write your review.  http://www.amazon.com/dp/1941103707/

And, if you’re planning a really BIG DAY I pray God will richly bless your efforts and that it will be all you dream of!

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