Thank you for this pumpkin, Jesus.

As I carve it, please hear my Pumpkin Carving Prayer. 

(Cut the top of the pumpkin)

Open my mind, Jesus, to learn more and more about You.

(Clean out the inside)

Thank you, Jesus, for taking away our sins—all the wrong and yucky things we do—for  forgiving us, and making us clean again when we believe in You and ask You to come into our heart.

(Cut eyes in circles or in the shape of hearts)

Open my eyes to see the love you have for me and for all the world.

(Cut a nose in a circle or triangle)

Thank you for my nose to breathe and smell, and for all my other senses.

(Cut mouth in an oval or in a happy smile )

Help me, Jesus, whenever I open my mouth, to only let good things come out.

(Place a candle or light inside the pumpkin)

Let the light of Your love shine so brightly in me that other see it, even when I wear a mask and must be apart from them. Amen.

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