Me too. I had a meltdown over an Easter Bunny lamp this past week. It was “the straw” for me. No one will be here to see it this year. I gave myself permission for a three-minute boo-hoo. After I finished, I dried my tears, blew my nose, dusted that thing off, put it on the counter and pulled the chain. The light bulb was out—cloudy and dark as an iron skillet. Being of a certain age and having a compromised immune system, hunting a new one would be like playing Russian roulette for me. But I put my bunny lamp out away. It’s the perfect reminder that the only light I can count on to always be there is the Light of the World, Jesus. The One Easter is all about.    3 Things to Help Cope with COVID Stress 1. Make a COVID snooze button out of something. A bottle cap glued to piece of cardboard will do. Every time you find yourself stressing out over anything beyond the necessary, literally hit the COVID snooze button and let it go.  2. Remember: You’re not alone. No one is, and perfection is your enemy. “If you don’t have the bandwidth to potty train or get your toddler to sleep through the night in their own bed – you’re off the hook.” Dr. Daniel Summers – Pediatrician. 3. Laugh, Smile and Smize: What’s a smize? A smize is the smile you make with just your eyes. Perfect for behind a COVID mask. And it’s okay to laugh a little about all of this.  Don’t forget to light your candle!: Happy Easter  

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