I think I have successfully “sprung forward” an hour into daylight savings time and moved every clock in the house ahead an hour. But there’s always that one I seem to miss. Usually in the car…

The exercise of physically changing the time is a wonderful opportunity to consciously loosen our grip on the past, celebrate bounce-back moments with changes made for the better, and choose to Look Forward with grace and joyful expectation.

It’s true–growth and change can be painful. But in the end, nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere in the past.

When the past threatens to rule your thoughts and emotions, try taking these three deep breaths.

1. Breathe in the present.

Exhale the past.

What happened in the past in not happening right now.

2. Breathe in the present.

Exhale the past.

You can have a heartbreaking story from the past, without letting it rule your present.

3. Breathe in the present.

Exhale the past.

Slow down. Be present. What’s happening right now is your life. Be there for it!

Letting go of the past and being mindful of the present takes practice. When you find yourself being bound by the past break free, change the time, and breathe!

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