3 Weeks To Edgefield County aBloom!

In just three weeks, on Saturday, April 30, The first annual Edgefield County aBloom event will tak place from 10:30 to noon at the community theater in Edgefield, SC, and I’m still not sure if I should be baking quiche for a crowd or just enough for a few close friends…

The idea in planning this event is for me to record my latest talk, “It’s All About Change” in a setting where the acoustics are great and a live audience is present. It’s also a great way of advertising for our county merchants and will give our newly opened community theater exposure and support. A local artist, Pamela Moore, will be painting the backdrop for the stage (can’t wait to see it!!) and door prizes will be given away! The event is free but we will be “passing the hat” to raise funds for the theater.

With limited seating and all this fun in store for everyone you would think the RSVPs would be pouring in! But getting a solid, “yes” or “no” from folks is proving a hard thing to do. “I’ll try”, “Maybe” and “I’ll be there – unless something else comes up between now and then”, are not words to inspire a gal to bake by!

So, I guess I’ll be on the phone for a while, going down the list, asking the age old sales question: “Is there any reason why I should not count on you being there?”

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