I know you’ve been there. You pick up that “real” (code for old, worn and dirty)treasure and just can’t decide if you should pack or not. Here’s a clue: If that thought even crosses your mind, the answer is “no”. It’s kind of like when a man proposes. If he opens the ring box, pops the question and if there is any other thought immediately in you heart and mind other than, “yes, yes, yes”, the answer should be “no”. Another thing to keep in mind is my golden rule about ugly things. DO NOT KEEP THEM. THEY WILL GROWN ON YOU!

So what are the “P’s”? Obviously they are not the frozen kind. Keep those for your aching back after bending over packing boxes all day. These P’s are easy to remember (there are only of them) and are all words beginning with the letter “P”. Here is how it works:

Each time you touch or pick up an item tell yourself you can not put it down again until you have decided if you are going to:
Pack It
Pitch It, or
Pass It On

More about how to decide on the tough stuff later…
In the meantime, remember the Law of the Harvest ~ you will reap what you sow!

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