Have you ever noticed how cancer patients are always cold in what we would call a “normal” indoor climate? 

I never knew why that was so until now. Very simply, our body’s immune system, which is utterly amazing, includes cancer fighting cells called “T cells.” T cells do their best cancer fighting in warmth. The invading cancer cells try to outsmart them by lowering body temperature. Add to this battle the loss of hair caused by radiation therapy and chemotherapy, and you can see why keeping your head warm during cancer treatment is so important.

During the lock-down months of this past year, my sister Cate McWayne, kept busy keeping the heads of South Carolina cancer patients warm with her hand-crocheted caps. The caps have been distributed to cancer patients by the Hospice team that saw her through the passing of her husband a year ago. Patients who received them have given Cate rave reviews, and I’ll add my own kudos with a huge thanks for the cap I wore every winter morning walking the dogs.

Even with the change of weather Cates caps continue to be in high demand. She is currently turning skeins of red, white, and blue yarn into 4th of July warmth for Veteran cancer patients. I couldn’t be prouder of my sister and her cozy care for others. “Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you.” Matthew 7:12

Please give Cate a “like” on this post, and if you or someone you know is knitting, sewing, or baking  etc., for others, please share the story in the comment area below.  

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