Having a bad day?

I’m truly sorry to hear that and pray things greatly improve soon.

Does it help to talk it out?

You bet—but not with every willing ear that comes along.

When we’re worried or have been wronged by someone, it’s only natural to want to talk about it.  But when our talking moves outside the circle of the people immediately involved in the situation, that talk can quickly turn into the kaleidoscope of gossip. If we’re not careful, talking about what’s wrong can actually make a bad day worse.

Yapping– talking, texting, posting on Facebook or “sharing” in the grocery store isle is easy and instantly gratifying, but don’t kid yourself. What you’re really seeking when you do that is support and affirmation for the way you feel, along with justification for your actions.

Praying—spending time alone talking with and listening to the Lord takes discipline. The support we receive in prayer is completely different than the support we receive from other people. It surpasses all understanding and is able to guard your heart and mind… Philippians 4:7

The answers we need in difficult situations are found in vertical (heavenly) solutions, not horizontal (earthly) ones. Yapping steals the peace God offers us.  Praying allows us to draw close to God. There we can receive the grace He alone can give to love, forgive, stand steady and bounce through hard times instead of breaking and becoming hard, dry, cold and bitter.

It’s been said that the burdens in our lives don’t need to be diluted with talk as much as they need to be offloaded in prayer to One who truly loves and cares for us.

If you’re having a bad day today, do what a dear friend of mine used to say: Quit yer yappin’ and take it to the Lord.

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