You’re gonna love this!

When I came across this post by Melanie Redd – a favorite fellow blogger of mine – I just had to share it.

Here are 10 of her 15—right on tips—for parenting adult children. Enjoy!

1} Pray for them.

I’ve always asked God to bless and protect my children.

Since watching the movie, War Room, I’m getting very specific in my prayer requests for them.

I want to be in the battle for my children and grandchildren.

2} Tell them you love them. Often!

They simply never outgrow the need to hear the words, “I love you.”

Think about it.

You know it’s true.

3} Forgive the past.

Sure they messed up.

They may have messed up BIG, but forgive and believe God is able to work His plans and purposes in them.

Believe in their hope-filled future.

4} Don’t ask questions you don’t want to know the answer to.

Your children are on their own.

Deeply personal questions can come with answers that make you uncomfortable.

Do you really want to know about your child’s sex life? Finances? Or the details from last Saturday night?

If they want to talk about it, be a good listener but don’t ask.

5} Give them room to grow and to grow up.

Everyone changes.

Admit it.

You’re still growing and learning.

You don’t have everything figured out. Neither do your children.

But they’re learning and growing . . . that’s what’s important.

6} Refuse to manipulate them with guilt.

They didn’t call.

It’s okay.

Maybe they’re busy. Maybe they’re REALLY busy.

Give them grace, then remember phones go both ways.

Call them.

Better yet, text them. It only takes a minute to type, “I love you.”

7} Give them the freedom to make life choices.


Where they’ll live?

Who they date or marry?

You know you have opinions, but it’s their life.

Don’t pressure them or make them feel you’ll be disappointed in them or that you won’t be there for them if they choose “poorly.”

8} Give them freedom over holidays.

Balancing relationships is challenging.

Remember what it was like when you were trying to please your parents and your in-laws?

Maybe you still are.

It’s okay to celebrate on a day other than the holiday itself.

The important thing is enjoying time together not when you do it.

9} Give them a verbal pat on the back.

They still want to know you’re proud of them and think they’re doing a good job.

Tell them.

10} Respect their parenting decisions.

If they say no sugar don’t try to sneak your grandchild a cookie.

If their boundaries are too rigid or not rigid enough for you… remember – they are the parents.

You had your turn, now it’s theirs.

And NEVER disagree with their parenting approach in front of your grandchild!

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