How did you learn your ABC’s?  I would be willing to venture the Alphabet Song had something to do with it and may still be a ready reference when you are forced to quickly recall that “Q” follows “P” not “R”. Song has long been employed in education and today is no exception. Nearly every toy the toddlers in our family touch lights up and sings to educate and entertain. And it works! Before they ever head off to their pre-K classes they know their colors, shapes, numbers, animals and the sounds they make and are well on their way to a phonetic grasp of the alphabet thanks to the jingles sung by “Alfie Alligator and April Ape. Music soothes the soul, calms the savage beast, unites the masses, evokes patriotism and bolsters strength and courage in times of need.  Churches have long linked scripture with  melody to teach and inspire gospel truths to believers and music is often the greatest source of unity in its ecumenical efforts. Don’t we all know the melody of and most of the words to Amazing Grace? Should we be surprised when we see the teachers of terror using this same tool to educate their children?  I think not.  They are as clever as our toymakers, music moguls and church leaders.  No, it is not the method we abhor, it is the message. While most of the civilized world teaches their children songs of thankfulness for their homeland, love for family and one another, along with the ideals of grace and compassion, fanatic instructors of Islamic terror lead their children in tunes of generational hatred, the blessings of martyrdom and death to all who oppose them.  And it works… Gone are the days of grade school weekly assemblies and chorus when everyone learned to sing God Bless America and America The Beautiful.  There certainly is an abundance of music available to us but do we all know the words to the same songs and do they do anything to inspire us as a nation? Today, pray for peace and teach a song of America to your children.  You may be the only way they will ever learn such a song.  


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