May 27, 2024, is more than a day off from work to mark the beginning of the
summer season—it’s Memorial Day—a federal holiday in the United States set
aside as a day for reflection, remembrance, and gratitude, honoring and
commemorating the brave men and women who have made the ultimate
protecting the freedoms we cherish.

As we enjoy the freedom and peace of the holiday to gather with friends and
family, let’s also remember and honor the sacrifice of those who have given
their lives for our country and support and uplift those left behind grieving
the loss of loved ones.

Here are some meaningful ways to honor the fallen on Memorial Day.

  • Pray for those left behind grieving on this day:

    “Dear Lord in Heaven, may Your peace, which surpasses all understanding,
    guard the hearts and minds of those who grieve today. Comfort them, strengthen them, and remind them of Your eternal love and the promise of a reunion beyond this life. “
  • Attend Memorial Day ceremonies:

    Show you value the lives of those who have made the ultimate sacrificefor our country. Honor them with your time and presence.
  • Visit cemeteries and memorials:

    Pay your respects by visiting military cemeteries, national monuments, or memorials. Consider leaving flowers or flags on the graves of fallensoldiers to honor their memory.

    One More Thing:
  • Should we thank Veterans on Memorial Day?

    depends, but the short answer is “No.”Since Memorial Day serves as a poignant reminder of the lives lost indefense of our nation, it’s not appropriate to thank a living veteran for their service or wish anyone a “Happy Memorial Day.” Instead, try saying something like, “I’ll be thinking about those no longer with us, and I hope you have a meaningful day.”

Memorial Day is different from
Veterans Day. Veterans Day,
observed on November 11th, is
when we pay tribute to all
American veterans, living or
deceased, who have served
honorably in the armed forces.
Veterans Day is when we express
gratitude for the contributions
and sacrifices made by veterans
during their service and the day
to thank a veteran.

How will you commemorate Memorial Day this year?
Share your thoughts in the comment area below.

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