What if I told you, October didn’t have to be a scary month for kids? 
There’s already scary decorations, masks, cartoons, stories, costumes, and news about a bad, scary virus out there—no wonder—in a child’s imagination . . . There Could Be Monsters ©
But never fear, Miss Penny has everything you need to keep those scary monsters away. For the next ten days I’m sharing my amazing Magical Monster Mist Kit at no cost when you subscribe as a member of Miss Penny’s Place at PennyLHunt.com

Here’s what you can look forward to: 

  • A top-secret recipe for Magical Monster Mist:

(Preview from the original poem: There Could Be Monsters © 
“All monsters hate my monster spray,
It makes them scratch and itch.
It stings their nose, and gives them bumps,
It makes them sneeze and twitch.”

  • Two custom made Monster Mist Labels for the front of plastic spray bottles (bottles not included).           

(Preview from the original poem: There Could Be Monsters ©)
“That’s why I have some monster spray,
And keep it near my bed.
No need to fear, no need to cry,
I’ll use my spray instead.”

  • The full-length original poem, There Could Be Monsters © suitable as a card or for framing. (Here’s another preview).

“Mom kisses me and says, “Sweet dreams,”
Dad turns off all the lights.
 It’s been a happy, fun-filled day,
And everything seems right.
But . . . There could be monsters.
With little or no Trick-O-Treating this year, the There Could Be Monsters© kit, makes the perfect October gift for children.
As an EXTRA BONUS when you subscribe at PennyLHunt.com
you’ll receive a weekly Thought From Penny where I share practical advice, stories, and words of encouragement to keep you uplifted and resilient during these scary days for grownups of a worldwide pandemic.
And if you enjoy There Could Be Monsters©, you’re sure to like one of my children’s  picture books—available on Amazon:

            (Dedicated to my autistic granddaughter).

(A can-do book for kids and mice dealing with unwanted change.)


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