Okay, you’ve made the New Year’s commitment to change something, add or delete something or try something new.  Good going – I’m proud of you for thinking it through, taking action and bouncing back setbacks that have kept you from moving forward .  Now print this out, put it where you’ll see it every day and be brave. Share-in scary print below-what new or different thing you’re doing this year.


Stay centered in Christ

when the world distracts you.

Stay confident in the Word

when truth evades you.

Stay compassionate toward others

when hate surrounds you.

Stay connected to the church

when people disappoint you.

Stay committed to the faith

when doubt overwhelms you.

Stay consistent in your walk

when life tries you.

Stay constructive in your relationships

when love fails you.

Stay challenged to grow

when complacency tempts you.

Stay convinced in His Coming

when hope fails you.

Stay calm in your heart

when trials surround you.

                                                        –Turning Point Ministries

In the world you will have tribulation,

But be of good cheer, I have overcome

The world (John 16:33).

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