How many packages are you expecting to arrive this week?

I just received one. A canvas bag personalized for “Annie.” But I don’t know any “Annies,” and didn’t order a canvas bag. I’m waiting for a sweater…  That’s the bad news.

The good news is—I have a confirmation number and I’m sure my sweater will arrive in plenty of time for Christmas. How can I be so sure?  I’ve ordered things on-line before, and without fail UPS has delivered them right to my door!

Of course there’s a gap between the time I place my order and when Bill, our local UPS driver, will arrive to find the dogs, barking and wagging around his truck in hopes of a dog biscuit, and deliver my package to m.

That gap, the time between confirmation number and delivery is a perfect example of what faith is. Dr. James McDonald explains it this way:  “Faith is what we get to hold onto in the gap between the promises of God and their fulfillment.”

If you’ve ever been to the UK you’ve probably heard the admonition to “Mind the gap” as your train pulled into the station.  The “gap” is the space between the train and the platform. Sometimes it’s short and narrow—sometimes it’s wide and long.

While we wait for on-line orders to arrive, let’s allow the gap between confirmation and delivery keep us mindful, and thankful, for the gift of faith we have to hang onto in the gap between the confirmed birth of Jesus, and the promised day of His return.

“Mind the gap”—no matter how short or long it may be—and give thanks, with expectant joy for the promises already fulfilled in Jesus and those to surely come.

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