Abundance In Pink By Cate M. McWayne

Doesn’t it feel great to give someone a truly extravagant gift? When I was a little girl I wanted to give my mother a mink coat with a diamond ring in the pocket. Somehow, my allowance never stretched far enough to make that dream a reality, But if it’s truly the thought that counts, then Mom received a double portion of love with each cotton ball snowmen and hand-print cut out I glued on a pieces of construction paper longing for the day they would be a coat with bling.

God loves to lavish His children with extravagant gifts too. Oh, you don’t think that’s true? Well, read this story of God’s abundant love experienced by my sister, Cate, and you may change your mind. As you read, remember—what He’s done for others, He’ll do for you.

A highlight of my morning commute is the occasional glimpse of a roseate spoonbill. Driving sandwiched between cars with Louisiana plates sporting the endangered whooping crane, I wonder if my fellow commuters know, as I do, just when and where to look beyond the causeway for a tiny island the roseate spoonbills sometimes visit. Spotting one of these elusive birds really makes my day, and is always a refreshment to my soul.


Returning to work after my Dad’s death, I was bereft, feeling orphaned and alone. “Heavenly Father,” I whispered, as rush hour traffic approached the spot, “I could really use a spoonbill today.” I glanced over and, breathless; saw God’s amazing answer to my prayer. There, captured in a spotlight of morning sun, were a dozen, brilliant, gloriously pink spoonbills.

It was as if He said, “Here’s a dozen for you, my daughter. I have plenty.” Astounded, my heart swelled as tears of grateful thanksgiving spilled across my cheeks and onto my blouse. There was barely enough room for them all to stand on that tiny piece of land. The vision, though just for an instant will last a lifetime in my heart.  I was blessed beyond measure by God’s abundance in pink.

     “The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance [to the full, till it overflows]. John 10:10 AMP

Now it’s your turn.  In the comment box below, share a time when God surprised you with an abundant, over the top gift that took your breath away!

Click here to see photos of these beautiful and bizarre birds       http://bit.ly/1WQdUkj

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