Memorial Day Service 2014

Memorial Day Service             As the daughter of a Korean War Veteran, wife of a career Naval Officer and mother of a former RECON Marine it was an honor to address the people gathered in historic Edgefield Town Square, SC for the Memorial Day Service presented by the American Legion Auxiliary.   We Have Seen and We Remember By Penny     read more

Does Prayer Really Work?

In 13 days millions of Americans will unite at more than 42,000 locations from coast to coast to pray during our National Day of Prayer. This year’s event is titled: One Voice, United in Prayer” based on Romans 15:6. Here in Edgefield County, South Carolina the people of God will join with their fellow Americans in prayer for our government     read more

Ending Well Matters Too

The only dancing I remember doing this past December 14th was in Zumba class. Maybe that is why I missed the dancing in the street. Surely there was dancing in the streets that Wednesday after the President announced the end of the War On Terror, I mean Iraqi Freedom, no, no that is not right either. It was Operation New     read more

That’s What I’m Talkin’ About!

How do you feel when you see someone given a free home? The folks in Houston, Texas watched this happen at a Texans football game when Sara Wood, a marine widow, was given the surprise of her life. As you read about what took place at Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas I pray you will be touched and begin     read more

Hunting The Good Stuff

I will never forget hearing Elisabeth Elliott speak to missionaries gathered at Alliance Academy in Quito, Ecuador. Perhaps you know her story told in the 2007 movie End Of The Spear. Elisabeth Elliott was a mother of nine months, married just three years when her husband, Jim, was killed in the Ecuadorian jungle attempting to make missionary contact with the     read more