Thinking Pink

Helping Others Bounce Back is What Survivors Do!

Thinking Pink

It’s October and tiny town Trenton, SC has turned pink again.

 But this time it’s not in the peach orchards. This time it’s at the post office!!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Susan Curry, Trenton’s Post Master, is a two year survivor of the dreaded disease that annually claims the lives of more than 40,000 Americans.

She and her co-worker, Angie DeRemigio, are actively raising breast cancer awareness wearing pretty in pink T-shirts with “Think Pink” decorations and October sales of USPS National Breast Cancer Stamps.

Be sure to visit your post office, buy some stamps and support the cause.

As the pencil Susan gave me says, “Big Or Small – Let’s Save Them All.”

Thinking PinkAnd have you read my good friend, Jane Jenkins Herlong’s book?

What Ta Ta’s Teach Us

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