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Little White Squirrel’s Secret: A Special Place to Practice

Little White Squirrel is having a hard time. With all his heart, he wants to jump like other squirrels but nearly every attempt ends in failure and unkind laughter. If only there were a place where every slip, slide and fall would not be noticed. Join Little White Squirrel and his loving, creative father as they discover a secret in the forest and a special place to practice.

Inspired by the daily challenges and victories of the author’s autistic granddaughter, the story of Little White Squirrel and his struggles is written to encourage every child and parent who must work a little harder for success. This story is a favorite with educators, media specialists, therapists and social workers throughout the USA.

Story Time with the Author

An entertaining, educational, interactive program featuring Little White Squirrel’s Secret – A Special Place to Practice. Guaranteed to encourage both adults and children of all ages with a “Yes-You-Can” message of compassion and hope.

Look who came to visit on the back porch!

Available in Hardcover, Paperback, Kindle & Audible.

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Rodeo Mouse is Available Now!

There’s a mouse in the house
And Mom’s made it clear,
She does not like mice
It cannot live here!

How will a friendly mouse escape the mouse traps and cat named Snooze inside the house?

How will he get past the fox in the field and the hawk in the tree outside?

A rhyming picture book.

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Where Are Your Shoelaces?

Kimberley wants just one thing—to own the coolest pair of shoelaces in her class. When her grandmother sends her a pair from the National Zoo she’s sure even Violet, a mean-girl in the making, will have to admit they are the best ever. But everything changes when a red-tail hawk hits the side of the car…

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Three Pups In A Pipe

No one heard the red, paint-worn pickup crunch across the gravel, and pull to a stop in front of the school. No one saw the driver pull a peach crate from the truck bed in the moonless night. He quickly scanned the road, and sure he was alone, hurried to place the crate on a grassy patch near the fence.  Then, without looking back, he drove away.

The cold and damp of night crept through the thinly covered crate, and one-by-one three sleepy puppies stirred. They began to cry, calling for their mother and the warm milk she gave, with cries that would never be answered . They huddled together and shivered through the night in a tiny ball of brown, black and white fur…

What will happen to the three pups when they take refuge in a drainage pipe outside Sandhills Elementary school?