True Blue Community™

“In every community every day, we can find concrete ways to show our military families the respect and gratitude that each of us hold for them in our hearts.” – Michelle Obama and Jill Biden

True Blue CommunityAs Overseas Contingency Operations (formerly known as The Global War on Terror) draw-down, members of Guard and Reserve units who have made up nearly half of all our deployed troops, will be returning to their civilian communities throughout the USA.

These men and women are often forgotten or marginalized when the armed forces and their families are considered.  Why? There are several reasons:

  • To begin, they are geographically dispersed troops, typically living in civilian communities associated with their civilian jobs.  They are the unknown military family living next door.
  • Their units are made up of service members drawn from numerous and various civilian communities from surrounding states. Few are from the same hometown.
  • They have typically been called upon to serve in multiple, long term deployment rotations (up to five!) thereby moving them from “suddenly military” single deployment status to “permanent military” status.

national-day-of-prayerThis tasking has created a huge disconnect that results in many of these families being isolated while their service member is away and again when they return.  These geographically dispersed families are often beyond the reach of government facilities, military bases, support and the camaraderie available to “regular” military families.

Moreover, these service members, if wounded in action, are further isolated. As combat veterans who are medically discharged, they are permanently separated from their active-duty or Guard/Reserve units.  These Wounded Warriors will return to local, civilian communities where support from government facilities and assistance can range from excellent to non-existent.

True Blue Community™ is dedicated to seeking out these families and, through local community efforts, standing in the gap for them to provide support and assistance in ways the government alone cannot do.