Thanksgiving Prayer

Oh, God, when we have food, help us to remember the hungry. When we have work, help us to remember the jobless. When we have a warm home, help us to remember the homeless. When we are without sickness and pain, help us to remember those who suffer. When we are near to family and friends, Help us to remember     read more

The Trick is 2 Treat Each Other with Love

Do Halloween and Christians Mix?    It’s that time of year again. The time of year when well-meaning Christians argue about what to do with Halloween. And there certainly are lots of loud and passionate opinions to go around.    I get that – but can we all take a breath – step back for a moment and remember that first and foremost we are to love one another as     read more

What Do You Really Want?

Quickly—in one sentence, what do you want most out of life? ◻ To be happy? ◻ Have a healthy family? ◻ Have a career you like that pays well? ◻ Something else? Those are pretty run-of-the-mill responses, not very specific, and don’t carry much weight when it comes to living life on purpose. If you had more time would your     read more

A Surprising Stick of Comfort

What do you do when you’re sitting in church, the message has been deeply moving, and you hear someone sobbing behind you? o Ignore it and hope they stop. o Pretend to ignore it—but quietly pray for them. o Hope someone else sees them and brings them a tissue. o Ask them if there’s anything you can do. When the     read more