So, how did your Mother’s Day weekend go? As you think about that I have something beautiful to share with you. This “thought” may seem a bit late in coming, but isn’t that the way it goes sometimes?  You think or hear just the right words to say—after the fact.  The French have a saying for it.  They call it “the     read more

I’m Not Who I Was

On a scale of 1 to 10—with ten being “Please, just stop,” and one being, “Sounds like something nice to say,” how would you rate saying, “Everything happens for a purpose,” as something useful to say to the parents of a child with autism?” In her blog, The Mighty, Kathy Hooven, the mother of an autistic son, shares 12 Great     read more

“Graduation… What Happens Next?”

“We are so proud of our granddaughter for reaching this milestone in her life and join our hearts and prayers with thousands of others seeking an answer to the question, “What happens now?”  We are all connected.   It’s the time of year where many celebrate graduation from high school. But for many individuals with autism, graduation day means asking     read more