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ACS conference reinforces the value of Family in Soldier readiness

Bonnie Heater Signal staff

Soldiers and Family members participated in a resilience exercise of “letting go of the small stuff” during the 2011 ACS Family Readiness Conference held Aug. 2-3 at the Gordon Club. Bonnie Heater

The resounding message throughout the two-day Fort Gordon Army Community Service Family Readiness Conference held at the Gordon Club was “Families are the key in Soldier readiness.” This year’s theme for the conference was “Taking care of yourself.”

During the second day of the conference, motivational speaker Penny L. Hunt, wrapped it up with an entertaining program entitled, “Excuse Me, I Didn’t Order This!” Using humor Hunt shared her life and adventures as the wife of a retired career naval officer and attaché who survived 29 permanent change of station (PCS) moves which took them from the eastern shore of the United States to Hawaii, Europe, South America and back.

The author of the best-selling children’s book: “Little White Squirrel’s Secret – A Special Place to Practice,” related what it was like to be assigned to the Pentagon. “When we moved from Hawaii to the Pentagon it felt like someone had pulled the plug,” said Hunt.

“There was no Navy housing, no ACS or Family Services and if there were any other Navy wives in the parking lot of the Pentagon, they never waved to me… I felt off kilter and really missed the support systems I have taken for granted,” she added . “I clearly saw the importance of reconnecting, and helping others reconnect at our next duty stations.”

Hunt ended the program with an upbeat exercise in “letting go of the small stuff”. Participants blew up balloons, filled with all the “little things that really bugged the individual”, and then allowed the balloons to fly through the air while reciting the Serenity Prayer with Hunt’s original ending. “Lord, help me to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, the wisdom to know the difference, and … ‘the ability to let go of the small stuff’”!

The Change Speaker Military Programs

The Perfect Holiday Dinner, Well Almost…

Sorry, there’s no such thing as perfect people,a perfect life, or even a perfect holiday dinner! Find out what 32 frozen turkeys, a fancy French cake and a positive attitude have to do with learning to lighten up, laugh and live with unexpected changes Thanksgiving to New Years!

Give Your Heart A Home

“If home is where the military sends you, why do I feel so out of place?” Listen as Penny answers that question with heartfelt wisdom, life lessons and timeless truths that give the heart a home…forever.

Sometimes it takes a little more than a “Welcome Packet” to navigate the choppy seas of change! But, with laughter, encouragement, a message of hope and practical tools, attendees will leave well equipped to bounce back from the changes and challenges unique to military life!

Excuse Me, I Didn’t Order This!

You may not always be able to control the circumstances of life, but with a few easy-to-follow steps, you can discover the secret of happily living with change in “Plan B”.

Especially For Military Spouses

Blooming Where You’re Planted!

Learn how to thrive not just survive! Regardless of your circumstances, with a change of mind, a change of direction and a change of heart you will be able to bloom wherever you are planted! Laugh and learn as Penny walks through the garden of her own life (weeds and all!) sharing the lessons of three special flowers: The daffodil, pansy and forget-me-not.

(*Optional breakout sessions with workbooks and/or handouts are available with your logo or your event theme on the cover!)
Guarding The Home Front Cover

Guarding The Home Front

Discover the way to live with confidence when life changes and you have to do it alone. Laugh, play, be strengthened and reaffirmed during this high energy, interactive event!

(*Optional breakout sessions with workbooks and/or handouts are available with your logo or your event theme on the cover!)

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