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Just Between Us – Woman to Woman

The Perfect Holiday Dinner – Well, Almost…

Sorry, there’s no such thing as perfect people, a perfect life, or even a perfect holiday dinner! Find out what 32 frozen turkeys, a fancy French cake and a positive attitude have to do with learning to lighten up, laugh and live with unexpected changes!

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Old Pots, New Pots & Crack Pots

Step out of your comfort zone! Shake things up! And dare to do something different!

With energy, excitement and a take-away gift for each attendee, your group will leave equipped with the practical tools and confidence they need to begin making positive changes in their lives!

Grandma’s Jade Plant

Travel the globe with Penny and her grandmother’s jade plant unlocking the secrets to contentment in a constantly changing world! You will sigh, laugh and shake your head as you listen to international tales confirming the importance of staying connected with each other and with your communities.

Blooming Where You Are Planted!

Learn how to thrive not just survive! Regardless of your circumstances, with a change of mind, a change of direction and a change of heart you will be able to bloom wherever you are planted! Laugh and learn as Penny walks through the garden of her own life (weeds and all!) sharing the lessons of three special flowers: The daffodil, pansy and forget-me-not.

(*Optional breakout sessions with workbooks and/or handouts are available with your logo or your event theme on the cover!)

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*Workbooks must be ordered in advance. Handouts will be sent via e-mail for copying.