Story Time with the Author

National Speakers Association of the Carolinas

A High Energy, Interactive Reading Program for Children PK – 10 years old Featuring:

Little White Squirrel’s Secret – A Special Place To PracticeSquirrel
By Penny L. Hunt


This event includes a table with lights, posters & decorations with:

  • A discussion of what an author is.
  • Other favorite books and authors.
  • Squirrel habitats and where white squirrels live (Brevard, North Carolina, Greenville, SC etc.)
  • What all squirrels like to eat, ending with the favorite “dessert” of white squirrels: Marshmallows! (A special treat for the children to enjoy).
  • Reading of the story by the author.

After story discussion:

  • Times when we have needed a special place to practice; and what was practiced there.
    • I share the personal story of having a terrible “lisp” when I was a child and how, with the help of a speech therapist, and lots of practice I was able to overcome my speech impediment and say all my “Ssssssss” with no trouble!
    • We learn and recite a poem about snakes with lots and lots of “S’s” in it.
  • How we feel being around someone who is “different” and does not fit in with everyone else.
  • How the children think the other person feels being around “normal” people.
  • The effect being unkind has on others and those who love them.
  • Things we can do to encourage and help people with special needs and those who love and care for them.

Story Time With The Author concludes with the singing of the Little White Squirrel song and dance after which the children are presented with a copy* of Little White Squirrel’s Secret which I sign for them.

Additional activities to consider:

  • Corn-on-the-cob eating contest ~ with prize
  • Whole Walnut Hunt ~ with prize
  • Marshmallow roast – making of “Somemores”
  • Squirrel Photo Show –Kids use cameras, photograph squirrels (and other interesting outdoor things!) Slide Show created on site.

*Complimentary as sponsor provides