Put On A Happy Face

If you see me overly disinfecting my grocery cart and wearing a mask at the Super WalMart, it’s not you – it’s me.  Please don’t take it personally or pick up the children and run.  The reason for my recent Monk-like behavior is a chronic sinus infection and bouts of bronchitis that have been more frequent and severe than I’d     read more

M&M Motivation

”Dear Children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.”1 John 3:18   “Clean up on isle one,” echoed throughout the store as a young mother with a baby seat perched atop her grocery cart and her school-aged son cringed in a nearby alcove.  Catching a glimpse of the now empty plastic candy cane     read more

Thanks For Forgetting

Where does the devil talk to you?  The last time he showed up for a chat with me I was in the laundry room, reminiscing over how quickly the children had grown, left home, married and will soon bring a mix of teen T’s and 12 month “onesies”  with them when they come to visit over the holidays. It is     read more

Just Enough

I chose the brick.  It was either that or the oncoming car in the other lane. Shortly thereafter I limped into the parking lot of a convenience store with a hole the size of my fist adorning the right front tire. At a McDonald’s a few hundred miles back I had stopped to freshen up a bit and treat myself     read more

Cardinal Moments

Is there something special in your life that seems to keep reappearing in times of need? A “sign” as it were, that reminds you God is with you, loves you and will take care of you? After a recent speaking engagement that focused on specific tactics for moving through unwanted and unplanned change, a woman shared with me the challenges     read more