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Cute owls in love sitting on green tree, vector illustrationDo you like parties with a theme?  I do and, as my husband and son-in-law wrestled our Christmas tree back into its sturdy cardboard abode, the thought crossed my mind about how nice it might be to keep it up year-round.  After all, I’ve seen a beautifully decorated Thanksgiving Tree adorned with feathers and autumn ornaments at my local Hobby Lobby store and now, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, who would be surprised to see a garland of red hearts wrapped around a green tree with blinking white lights?  What a time-saver a tree for all seasons could be:

Mid February – Mid March St. Patrick’s Day Ornaments
Mid March – Easter Springtime / Easter Ornaments
May 1 – Mid May Mother’s Day Ornaments
Mid May – Memorial Day Military Ornaments
June 1 to Mid June Father’s Day Ornaments
Mid June to June 31 Graduation Ornaments
July 1 to Mid July Independence Day Ornaments
Mid July to July 31 My Birthday Ornaments
August 1 to August 31 Summer Vacation Ornaments
September 1 to Sept. 30 Labor Day & Back To School Ornaments
October 1 – 31 Harvest ornaments
November 1 – 30 Thanksgiving ornaments
December 1 – Dec. 30 Christmas Ornaments
 December 30 – Mid January  New Years Ornaments
Mid January – Mid February Valentines Day Ornaments

     Of course then there would be the problem of how to organize and protect all those ornaments, but I’m sure some clever design person could quickly develop a solution to the ornament storage dilemma. Maybe a climate controlled ornament shed with gingerbread trim and fairy lights for the back yard? Now there’s an idea…

     Alas, our Christmas tree is no longer available for use, so I’ll have to think of something else when the Garden Club gathers for our February meeting. I always select February as my month to host the meeting. No one expects to see any award-winning anything blooming at that time of year. Instead, most folks say something like, “Oh, how sweet” when they see the sign I’ve posted among the brown hydrangea heads that reads, “Shhhh – the garden is sleeping.”

Love month

     Gardens aside, the other reason I particularly enjoy having friends stop by in February is because it’s the love month. And do you know anyone who doesn’t need a little of that?  Now here’s the neat thing. God’s love is so big and so great that when we give our hearts to Him, He turns right around and, through the gift of His Holy Spirt, pours that same, great, big love into our hearts for us to joyfully spread around and give to other people.

     So let’s do that!  Don’t let the love month go by without taking the opportunity to spread the love of God around with a note, a card, a text message, a phone call, a Facebook post, a cupcake, a hug – you get the idea…  So, what will you do?


…because the love of God hath been shed abroad in our hearts through the Holy Spirit which was given unto us. Romans 5:5

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