Piper Tales

What’s Black & White and Read All Over?


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Miss Penny and Piper at Peach Parades!

Miss Penny and Piper in parade

Everyone cheered as Piper rode by in the Johnston & Ridge Peach Festival Parades.

Piper watched as Miss Penny tossed pouches of Scooby Snacks to the children lining the streets.
Happy Birthday Piper!

Exactly when Piper was born will always be a mystery but it’s been nearly a year from the time he was discovered living in a pipe. And what a year it’s been! Some of the highlights:

Graduated with honors from Dog Obedience Training.
Was nearly eaten by an alligator.
Helped shut down a dog napping ring
Presented a Puppy Bank to the winner of a the poetry writing contest!
And as the faithful companion of Bill, his 11 year old master, discovering the importance of Godly character in overcoming the challenges of unwanted change, Piper also helps young readers in caring for their own dogs.

Does your dog shake, pace, drool and try to hide when he hears fireworks? Piper stays fairly calm during thunderstorms and fireworks but is not crazy about them. He prefers being in his kennel with a blanket over it when things get loud. Other dogs that are downright terrified of fireworks may have anxiety attacks and have even been known to bite and run away! So here are some tips for keeping your dog safe and calm while you and others celebrate the 4th of July.

• First things first…

Before the celebration begins and darkness falls, feed your dog and then take him for a walk. Hopefully the meal and walk will take care of his needs for the evening. But, if he does have an “accident” during the fireworks, just clean it up and don’t make a big deal out of it. Remember, it’s just one night and this too shall pass…

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Hope this video makes you smile!  He is our new addition to the family.