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Miss Penny and friends at the White Squirrel Shoppe in Brevard, NC
I’m a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a sister-in-law, aunt, grandmother, friend and the owner of two dogs, Chosette and Bonnie. Bonnie is a border collie that we rescued from a terrible, bad, completely awful situation. She is fine now and a wonderful friend to our other dog, Chosette, who is a sweet, little Lhasa Apso that never had a terrible day in her life! She and Bonnie are faithful companions that love to go walking with me more than anything else in the world!


The area of South Carolina I live in is so rural I can drive to the grocery store and back without ever seeing a traffic light! The name of my town is Trenton and proudly proclaims itself to be, “Home of The Ridge Peach Festival –Third Saturday in June”. The people who live here know how to make anything you can think of out of peaches but my favorites is plain old peach cobbler. I also like making peach jam for my family and friends.

When someone asks me, “Where are you from?” I tell them, Williamsburg, Virginia because that’s where I was born. If I told them all the places I’ve lived, they would soon be yawning or have a migraine headache. I grew up (an ongoing process) in Huntington, Long Island, NY. I am married to a retired naval officer and attaché and have moved my family, pets and all my earthly possessions from Newport, RI to Hawaii, Europe, South America, and back again to South Carolina – 29 times!


Miss Penny’s husband, Captain William B. Hunt,
USN retired (and her friend, Little White Squirrel!)
That’s a lot of moving and makes me an “expert” so I am invited to share my secrets for Blooming Where You’re Planted at meetings all over the Southeast. One of the things I tell people who are moving into a new house or apartment is to put their purse under the kitchen sink! That may sound crazy, but a purse under the sink won’t be misplaced and you’ll be able to find your wallet when the pizza delivery boy arrives.


Photo of Penny with road signs all around her.
I write children’s books and also write the faith column for our local newspaper, The Citizen News of Edgefield County. I like to cook, play a little golf and watch the birds my husband, Bill, brings to our yard with the bird feeders he fills for them.


Miss Penny’s dog, Chosette, likes listening to stories too.
Can you find her in this photo?