Make New Friends But Keep The Old

What’s with all the moving? Nearly everyone I know has either just finished moving and are trying to settle in or are packing up all their stuff and heading off to new horizons. Start paying attention to all the moving trucks on the road and you’ll see what I mean.

Because I’m a former military wife I have a lot of friends in far-away places (family members too). Maintaining long-disgtance friendships can be challenging and making new ones takes time unless you’re one of those “golden retriever” types that everyone instantly loves and wants to take home with them. So how can I hang on to my old friends while making new ones?

Facebook? Cell phone calls or country calling cards? Good old fashioned letters?
Skype chatting? What’s the best way?

4 comments on “Make New Friends But Keep The Old

  1. I think e-mails for content, Facebook for photos, phone calls for some one on one love and trying to meet up every few years to meet in person is the way to go!

  2. diallysAll of the above! Try to find the best way to communicate with each individual. Some will prefer letters and phone calls while others might like a quick text or a message on Facebook.

  3. e-mail when you aren’t readily available to contact…calls to keep the personal touch. Keep in mind that not everyone twitters, tweets, texts, etc. and really like to hear a voice occasionally.peduc

  4. Most important, for me, is to keep people in my thoughts and prayers and memories. Exchanging hard copy photos, even those cliche holiday card inserts, helps – especially with folks I’ve known for decades. I had a problem with three looooong-time friends that I’ve owed an update for quite some time. There’s so much to cover, I don’t know where to start. But your blog has inspired me to at least send a “hello” email to them TODAY and look foward to a more in-depth communication whenever possible. Thanks for the nudge!

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