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Bounce Don't Break

Bounce! Don’t Break… is now available on Amazon! You can help spread this great news by checking out the information below.

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Book Description

  When life T-bones you like an eighteen wheeler, Bounce! Don’t Break … will unearth the tools needed to successfully navigate the choppy waters of change and build resilience along the way. You will discover important steps to help you bounce back after a crisis as you learn to shift your focus from the problem to the solution. With God’s help, you can begin again as He converts your defeat into victory. Woven together with the author’s personal life-lessons and reflections are the real-life experiences of other women who, through the healing power of faith and hope, have emerged stronger and more authentic through the unexpected, unwanted changes of life. With a warm mix of humor, wit, and no-nonsense practicality, Penny L. Hunt leads the way to a Bounce! Don’t Break mindset and life even in the toughest of times.

Where to Order?

Amazon- Kindle or Print

Click on the button to order the book on Amazon Kindle or Print. Kindle is $2.99 and print is $7.95.   Did I mention that, with Kindle Unlimited, the book is FREE?Amazon button

Any questions, concerns or difficulty ordering you can contact Meaghan Burnett at Thank you.