A Sneak Peek of Piper Tales

While writing Chapter One of Piper Tales ™ – The Adventures of a Very Lucky Black and White Dog – I never imagined I’d be hearing a horror story like this one: McINTOSH COUNTY, Ga. A mother dog was found on the side of a dirt road, pulling a crate filled with her puppies. She was tied to a small     read more

It’s Always Something

It’s Always Something By Penny L. Hunt ©  When’s the last time everything went just the way you planned it?  I pray it’s more often than not, and that you’re having a good week. But life’s a little messy right now, and you’re feeling like you’ve go the bounce-back of a snowball—hang on and remember—tough times never last, and better days     read more

A Brush With PTSD

Last week I bought a sheet of stamps with the photo of a plant sprouting from the ground surrounded by dead leaves, and the words “Healing PTSD” written across the top. I showed them to my husband, a retired career naval officer and attaché with 31 years of military service, and put them in the kitchen drawer.   Last night     read more

Bad News for Goal Setters in 2020

Are you making New Year’s resolutions and setting some personal goals for 2020?  I hope you are because it’s true—goals are the key to most success stories and focus is important. But when our goals are solely self-generated, and don’t line up with the truths revealed in God’s word, we’re stepping into dangerous territory. Buy into the cliché, “If you     read more

What are you celebrating this Christmas?

What are you celebrating this Christmas? When Rick Warren, author of The Purpose Driven Life and The Purpose of Christmas asked that question, he received answers like: “I’m celebrating that I made it through another year.” “I’m celebrating being home with family.” “I got a Christmas bonus.” “I’m not celebrating anything; I’m just trying to survive. The bad news is:     read more