Time for a Change

I think I have successfully “sprung forward” an hour into daylight savings time and moved every clock in the house ahead an hour. But there’s always that one I seem to miss. Usually in the car… The exercise of physically changing the time is a wonderful opportunity to consciously loosen our grip on the past, celebrate bounce-back moments with changes     read more


Have you ever asked a child, “So, how was school today?” I bet you got a quick, “okay” or “fine,” for an answer. Right? After I returned from the Florida Christian Writers Conference a few folks have asked, “So, how was the conference?” If they were hoping for a quick, “great,” or “wonderful,” I sorely disappointed them. Instead I had     read more

Stay the Course

So, how’s it going with those New Year Goals aka Resolutions? I’m doing better with my big ones: • “Pay attention to the small things and the big things will take care of themselves”. For me that means answering e-mails and filing papers the day they come across my desk, and keeping up with bookkeeping quarterly instead of having to     read more


I want to share an amazing aspect of hope with you.   Hope is both the anchor that holds in troubled times AND a lifeline. Hope is what tells you: You’re going to make it! When life feels out of control, you can be secured by hope instead of going through the day like everyone else, wondering how you’re going to make     read more


Have you ever been so tired you yelled for everyone to be quiet? Maybe you’ve banged on the wall and bellowed for the party animal next door to keep it down or hollered at noisy roommates so you could study. If you’re a parent, and you’re honest, you’ve probably raised your voice a time-or-two calling for quiet.     It     read more