Quit Yer Yappin’!

    Having a bad day? I’m truly sorry to hear that and pray things greatly improve soon. Does it help to talk it out? You bet—but not with every willing ear that comes along. When we’re worried or have been wronged by someone, it’s only natural to want to talk about it.  But when our talking moves outside the     read more

Steady On!

“The truck came in hot, hit the gravel and jack-knifed to a stop.”  Those are the words of a professional truck driver describing the use of a runaway truck ramp. Like big rigs rolling fast on long, steep hills, managing loads so heavy their brakes glow red in the night, we can feel equally pressured managing life’s demands. Add the     read more

Be A Bushel Burner!

This is hardly breaking news.  If you’ve been paying any attention at all to what’s going on regarding religion and the youth of the world you already know the newest major religion is: No Religion. “Nones” (pronounced like the word nuns) now make up the second largest religious group in North America and most of Europe. Millennials, the generation that     read more

What? No Peach Cobbler!!?

How many graduations have you traveled to this month? I arrived home this past week from northern Virginia and the graduation of a granddaughter—Salutatorian may I add!—just in  time for Father’s Day weekend with family members on their way to help celebrate, and the annual South Carolina Ridge Peach Festival.   Staring at my still unpacked suitcase, unwrapped gift for     read more

How To Stop Working Like A Squirrel

My dog can’t resist a good squirrel chase. A favorite begins with a stare-down at the bird feeder. The squirrel looks up from stuffing its cheeks, twitches its tail, and it’s on! There’s time for one more greedy grab but the delay requires a super-squirrel escape. The thief crouches, springs from the high porch rail, and finds safety in the     read more