Time To FALL Back

Set Your Clocks BACK One Hour-  This Sunday, November 1st! Do you have a friend who’s always late? Me too. What about we keep the end of daylight savings time to ourselves and see if they arrive their usual forty-five minutes late to actually be fifteen minutes early—which as we all know in the south—is right on time.  It’s an idea     read more

After The Storm

When you look at the total devastation left after a natural disaster, is it so overwhelming you can’t wrap your head around it? When it’s so bad I don’t know if anything I do would make a difference, I remember this story: The Starfish Thrower, by Loren Eiseley. “A man was walking on the beach one day and noticed a boy     read more

A Pumpkin Carving Prayer

Thank you for this pumpkin, Jesus. As I carve it, please hear my Pumpkin Carving Prayer.  (Cut the top of the pumpkin) Open my mind, Jesus, to learn more and more about You. (Clean out the inside) Thank you, Jesus, for taking away our sins—all the wrong and yucky things we do—for  forgiving us, and making us clean again when     read more