3 Reasons to Keep Praying

  Several months after my daughter left us on her personal journey of discovery I stopped praying for her. My Bible study prayer partner called me on it. After we’dswapped written prayer requests for the week she said, “Penny. There’s something missing here.” “Really? I don’t think so.” “Yes, there is. Look,” she said handing me back my list. “Your     read more

Drip Drip Drip

Do you have a puddle of pink under your car?   If so—not good. That pinkish-red (yellow, blue or green) liquid you see is coolant or antifreeze leaking from your radiator. Your car needs that fluid to keep from overheating—and  you need to plug the leak before critical damage to the engine occurs!    When the engine is cool, pop the hood and look for the sea-through reservoir where antifreeze is kept. Some older vehicles have no coolant reservoir, so you’ll have to open the cap of the radiator to check. If the levels are     read more

Back in the Saddle

During her holiday visit from London my youngest daughter shared concern others had expressed for me, noting a decline in A Thought From Penny postings. My immediate reaction was to respond with a litany if guilt ridden excuses. “Well, you know; I’ve had a total hip replacement and though I’m doing great I’m still recovering, your Dad’s health requiresmore time     read more