The Write Way to Remember

Maybe you’ve seen the commercial for Prevagen—a dietary supplement that claims to support healthy brain function and better memory. It’s aimed at people suffering with memory lossand ends with the words, “Pregagen, the name to remember.” If you think about it, that’s pretty funny.   What’s not so funny is the tendency I have toward spiritual forgetfulness. When the going     read more

Don’t Give Up – Look Up!

Ever feel like throwing in the towel? We all do from time-to-time. And though it may be good to walk away from unhealthy relationships or a bad work environment, there are some things worth fighting for. Your marriage, your kids, your health, the work God has called you to.   Before you go burning any bridges try this: Go outside     read more

What Do Birthdays Make You Think About?

It happened again. This week I completed another trip around the sun. And after I blew out the candles on my cupcake, I stopped for a moment to:   LOOK UP • And thank God for all He’s seen me through and blessed me with.   LOOK BACK • Not with a longing for do-overs—but thanks for lessons learned.       read more

Keep Calm in the Chaos

  Feeling uncertain? Overwhelmed, anxious, angry, frustrated or afraid? Make sure your worst enemy doesn’t live between your own two ears.  Laird Hamilton 1. Stop for a minute! Put yourself in a mental time–out and quiet your thoughts. 2. Use the quiet space you create to think about what you’re thinking about. 3. Literally, choose to “change your mind” and     read more